My name is Daryn Ian Ramsden and I currently live in Stamford, Connecticut. I think I am the only Daryn Ramsden on the planet. Perhaps ever.

Little Things

A rudimentary game I made experimenting with Javascript
Implementing some basic user interactions for a 3D scene in Javascript
Applying Elo ratings to Champions League teams
A preliminary look at how the heights and weights of NBA players have changed over time
Comparing the Premier League and La Liga by Year over Year changes
Comparing the Premier League and La Liga by points, wins and draws
Forwards actually do seem to be better in penalty shootouts than defenders and midfielders (I was skeptical)
Visualizing Historical Greenhouse Gas Emissions
My JavaScript/SVG Tetris attempt
Aliasing of the complex sinusoid. Or not.
Calculating Percolation Threshold Values
Visualizing depth-first search
Visualizing depth-first search vs breadth-first search
Visualizing k-means clustering

Clevorne: an in-progress JavaScript graphing library

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In particular, my virtual machine is running Debian 8.3 x64.
I'm currently using Apache as a webserver.