Champions League Ratings


This is an attempt to give overall ratings to teams that compete in the UEFA Champions League competition every year. The scoring is a variant of the Elo rating scheme which is most famously used to rank chess players.
(When I was almost done putting this together it occurred to me that other people may have done something similar. Club Elo also has rankings for club teams and there are also rankings for national teams online as well).

How scoring works exactly:

To do all this I used:

This is not necessarily the finished product. I'm currently thinking of ways to objectively test the methodology without imposing my opinions too much. Also, there may be some problems with the data, e.g. some teams may be showing up under multiple similar names or I might be missing some matches. I have intentions of improving it but I won't make any promises.

Feel free to provide feedback to darynr at gmail. Include the phrase "Hugo Lemonbalm" in the subject just to be safe.

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